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Can you name the title of these movies involving diamonds?

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DiamondsMovie TitleCast
'But square-cut or pear-shaped,
these rocks won't lose their shape.'
Marilyn Monroe
'Goodness, what beautiful diamonds!'
'Goodness had nothing to do with it.'
Mae West
'If you look deep into the stone, you will perceive the tiniest discoloration. It resembles an animal.'Peter Sellers
'Personally, I think it would be tacky to wear diamonds before I'm 40.'Audrey Hepburn
Samantha tries to buy spectacular diamond ring at auction as symbol that she's 'made it', unaware that her boyfriend bid successfully by phone to give her the ring as a gift.Kim Cattrall
Double-crosses abound in diamond heist pulled by a British thief, his animal-loving accomplice, American con artist, and her weapons man lover. Don't call him stupid. Kevin Kline
'Tommy persuaded me to keep the dog...The vet found half an undigested shoe, a squeaky toy, and an 84-carat diamond lodged in its stomach.'Jason Statham
Young poker challenger can't believe Lancey 'The Man' Howard has the Jack of Diamonds he needs for his straight flush.Steve McQueen
'You rub it with a cloth, it lets off a charge. You put it in water, it comes up dry. It's only enemy is another diamond.'Michael Caine
Safecracker specializing in high-profile diamond jobs tries to hurry his dream of a normal life by agreeing to a heist for the mafia.James Caan
DiamondsMovie TitleCast
'Well, hardest substance found in nature, they cut glass, suggests marriage, I suppose it replaced the dog as the girl's best friend.'Sean Connery
Kidnappers want to exchange a thief's daughter for priceless black diamonds.Jet Li
'In America, it's bling bling.
But out here it's bling bang.'
Leonardo di Caprio
'We dig up diamonds by the score,
A thousand rubies, sometimes more,
We don't know what we dig them for,
We dig dig digga dig dig.'
uncredited voices
Danny & crew avenge one of their own, who's been double-crossed by someone who 'shook Sinatra's hand.' (And mess up his new casino's chance of Five Diamond award.)George Clooney
'I was just wondering if you had found the Heart of the Ocean yet, Mr. Lovett?'Gloria Stuart
'You can keep as many as you can swallow.'Dustin Hoffman
'So the red queen (of diamonds) is our baby. Well, take a look at this, kid...52 of them!'Frank Sinatra
A woman in pre-Revolutionary France schemes to dupe a Cardinal into buying diamond necklace for Marie Antoinette, intending to steal it instead of delivering it.Hilary Swank
'Doesn't it make you nervous to be in the same room with thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, and unable to touch them?'Grace Kelly

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