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Forced Order
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HaikuMovie Title
Bacall meets Bogey,
'Anybody got a match?'
And a star was born.
Squash a Wicked Witch,
Follow a yellow brick road...
'There's no place like home!'
Graverobbing doctor
Usurps creation's power
And cries, 'It's alive!'
The helicopters
Blare 'Ride of the Valkyries.'
Attack to Wagner.
Condemned galley slave
Rises to race chariots.
Betrayal avenged.
Just remember this:
The vessel with the pestle
Holds brew that is true.
Gable and Colbert
Compare hitch-hiking techniques.
Her leg beats his thumb.
Swashbuckler in green
Robs from rich and gives to poor.
'Welcome to Sherwood.'
Poor rich Tracy Lord!
Cary Grant or James Stewart?
What's a girl to do?
Dying word, 'Rosebud'
The mysterious key to
Newspaper tycoon.
Elusive black bird.
'The stuff that dreams are made of.'
Famous MacGuffin.
Rick's gone cynical,
His heart broken in Paris.
'Of all the gin joints...'
Elderberry wine
Served by two sweet old ladies
Just may prove fatal.
Working at Macy's,
Kris Kringle's saved in court by
The postal service.
'Mrs. Robinson,
You're trying to seduce me.
Aren't you?' Ben asks.
Gypsy dancer gone.
'Would that I were made of stone...'
Bell-ringer laments.
The stolen money
Sinks, ignored, with the body.
'Oh, Mother...the blood!'
A buff Kirk Douglas
Leads slave revolt against Rome.
'I AM _________!'
HaikuMovie Title
When treasure hunting,
Don't mess with Yahweh's power.
Or evil Nazis.
Poor, bored Princess Anne
Needs a royal vacation -
Cuts hair, rides Vespa.
Astaire is wearing
Top hat, white tie, tails. Rogers?
Backwards in high heels! cast,
Speculates what he sees through
His binoculars.
McMurphy struggles
To disrupt Nurse Ratched's ward.
Ends lobotomized.
Divine decadence
In 1930s Berlin.
Just beware, mein herr!
Preserve and protect
Precious bodily fluids.
No fights in War Room!
Captured in jungle,
The Eighth Wonder of the World!
Beauty killed this beast.
My mind is going.
Dave. I can feel it. Stop, Dave.
HAL 9000 fades...
Jack Lemmon reveals
He's really a man in drag.
'Nobody's perfect!'
Inclement weather
Just can't stop Gene Kelly's feet.
Classic dance ensues.
Margo Channing learns
Understudy's ambitious.
'Fasten your seatbelts...'
Tevye the milkman
Holds on to his traditions
But world keeps changing.
Mad Norma Desmond
Is ready for her close-up.
They had FACES then.
When Travis Bickle
Asks, 'Are you talkin' to me?'
You might want to run.
Longshoreman Brando
Coulda been a contender
Instead of a bum.
Reliable George
Wishes he was never born.
Clarence proves he's wrong.

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