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ClueMovie TitleYear
Kafkaesque movie shot on a single 14' X 14' set with characters all named after prisons1997
First Inuktitut-language feature film. Put some clothes's cold out there!2001
The English language is not translate this message!2008
'4 guys - 5 nights - 3000 miles - 764 gallons of gas - 987 bottles of beer - 3457 cigarettes - 1 last shot'1996
Quebec secrets...and some guy named Hitchcock.1995
Collisions are a metaphor for intimacy - 100% Haggis free.1996
'Roll up the rim' of your Tim Horton's coffee and follow its philosophical advice.2008
Crack jokes in two languages and end Porky's 24-year reign as highest grossing Canadian movie2006
Get bitten by a werewolf, get your first period...puberty's hell!2000
Getting the lead role in a passion play just might not work out so well after all.1989
But what if I don't want to date nice Chinese boys and go to auditions based on my ethnicity?1994
Creepiest use of fictional gynecological instruments ever!1988
Miner's widow cracks under the strain and curates a private exhibit.1995
ClueMovie TitleYear
The world's ending at midnight. What do you wanna do? And may not use special effects.1998
New business plan - go after the lucrative twitcher-birder demographic.2001
Bonspiels, herds of migrating beavers, and Tragically Hip2002
Get addicted to bug killer; fondle oozing typewriter; shoot's a little surreal.1991
Tell me Cary, how do I get my mother to accept that I'm gay and have a great boyfriend?2004
'The Bear Came Over the Mountain' and got two Oscar nominations.2006
Name your sons Christian, Raymond, Antoine, Zachary, and Yvan, and wonder why life gets complicated.2005
Be careful about what's on the menu in this early movie by Ivan Reitman...perhaps not his finest accomplishment.1973
Get about sex...get nominated for an Oscar1986
A young girl joins other widows at a widows' ashram on the shores of the Ganges in 1938.2005
Latex head filled with dog food and rabbit livers shot from behind with a 12-gauge shotgun = one lasting image from Canadian cinema.1981
Sums up the situation between French and English in Canada in 10 minutes about a boy getting the wrong hockey jersey.1980

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