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Scored winning goal in the final game of 1st Canada-Russia Series (hockey) 1972.
Production of this delta-winged aircraft was controversially cancelled Feb. 20, 1959.
Victory by Canadian forces in this WWI battle in April 1917 became a matter of national pride.
Director - Exotica,
The Sweet Hereafter.
Singer-songwriter - The Good Old Hockey Game, Sudbury Saturday Night,
and Bud the Spud. (full performing name)
Parry Sound-born hockey player - only defenceman to win the NHL scoring title.
Soldier and surgeon, a Lieutenant Colonel in WWI, wrote In Flanders Fields.
Gordon Lightfoot sang about sinking of this American Great Lakes freighter in Canadian waters in Lake Superior, with all 29 hands lost. The SS...
Canada's top flying ace in WWI, credited with 72 victories.
Writer - Away, The Underpainter,
and The Stone Carvers.
Canada's 15th Prime Minister - controversially invoked the War Measures Act in response to kidnapping of politicians. Fuddle duddle.
Canadian ambassador to Iran during hostage crisis in 1979, who headed 'Canadian Caper' to sneak six Americans out of Iran with Canadian passports.
After a decade with this city's team,
Wayne Gretzky was traded
to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988.
Square-headed screwdriver named after its inventor.
Artist who influenced the Group of Seven, and died somewhat mysteriously on a canoe trip in 1917.
Novelist and poet - The Handmaid's Tale, and The Blind Assassin.
Geddy Lee + Alex Lifeson + Neil Peart =
This is where Canadians 'roll up the rim' of their 'double-double.' (full name)
Take a shot of this strong Newfoundland rum, kiss a codfish on the mouth, and answer the question, 'Is ye an honourary Newfoundlander?'
Head to Sudbury to see 9-meter (30 foot) replica of this Canadian coin...'The Big...
This 7653 sq. kilometer park is the oldest provincial park in Canada.
Bay of Fundy in this Maritime province is known for the world's highest tides.
(See also #36 below.)
First book in Lucy Maud Montgomery's series set in P.E.I. about an imaginative red-haired orphan.
Home stadium for CFL team
Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
The last time this NHL team won Stanley Cup, it was Canada's centennial year.
Novelist and poet - The English Patient, and In the Skin of a Lion.
This medical student won a coin toss to become Frederick Banting's lab assistant and the co-discoverer of insuliln.
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French-Canadian writer-director -
Jesus de Montreal and
Le Declin de l'empire americain.
Writer - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, and Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang.
Called Canada's 'Last Father of Confederation' for his role in bringing independent Newfoundland into Canada.
This tyrannosaurid dinosaur is named after the province where its fossils were first discovered in 1884.
This Canadian basketball player playing for the Phoenix Suns has won the NBA's MVP award twice.
This politician introduced universal public healthcare to Canada, and was voted 'The Greatest Canadian.'
This singer, with Kevan Staples, formed the band Rough Trade, with songs like
High School Confidential.
Canadian physician called the 'father of modern medicine', bringing medical students into wards for bedside teaching and establishing the residency system.
Leaf Basin in this bay (between Northern Quebec and Baffin Island) is in a statistical tie for world's highest tides (according to Cdn. Hydrographic Society).
His song 'Four Strong Winds', was voted the top Canadian song in a CBC Radio series, '50 Tracks: The Canadian Version', which picked 'essential' songs.
Canada is the world's largest producer of this type of wine, made with grapes that have frozen on the vine.
This racehorse received $1,000,000 stud fees and was the first horse voted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.
Bronze statue (rub toe for luck) of this famous Canadian businessman was in the large mall bearing his name, but has now been moved to Royal Ontario Museum.
Human-built stone landmark, sometimes representing a human figure, in the Arctic.
Canada's biggest city, which hosted 2010's G20 Summit. Yes, everybody hates us...and we're okay with that.
Poet - The Shooting of Dan McGrew, and The Cremation of Sam McGee
During Klondike Gold Rush, miners had to go through this difficult high mountain pass between Alaska and British Columbia.
Largest of three oil sands (tar sands) deposits in Alberta.
Tourist attractions at this landmark
include the Maid of the Mist
and the Cave of the Winds Tour.
This film (English title, The Fast Runner) was the first feature film in the Inuktitut language.
Location of disastrous WWII raid on August 19, 1942, with predominantly Canadian infantryman, almost 60% of which were killed, wounded, or captured.
Novel based on 1843 murders of Thomas Kinnear & Nancy Montgomery by servants James McDermott & Grace Marks.
This now-retired Canadian general served as UN Force Commander of peacekeeping force trying to stop Rwandan genocide.
Middle name of Canada's first Prime Minister.
Buffalo Springfield, Crazy Horse,
& Crosby Stills Nash and...
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