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Are the following statements about Henry VIII and his Tudor wives True (T) or False (F)

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Anne of Cleves was originally from Norway. True or False?
Henry VIII was nearly 400lbs when he died in 1547. True or False?
Catherine Howard before her execution requested the executioners block to practice. True or False?
Of his six wives, Henry VIII was married to Katherine of Aragon the longest. True or false?
Henry’s last wife, Katherine Parr is believed to have been named after his first wife, Katherine of Aragon who was her godmother. True or False?
Henry VIII was actually born in Wales. True or False?
Jane Seymour became the first published queen of England in 1544.
You were not allowed eat vegetables on a Friday in Tudor England. True or False?
Katherine Parr was the only one of Henry's wives to get a queens funeral. True or False?
Mary I was Henry VIII's last reigning daughter and never married. True or False?
Elizabeth I did not want to declare Mary queen of Scots as her assessor as Mary was a devoted Catholic. True or False?
Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn were cousins. True or False?
Henry VIII died from a blow to the chest at the battle of Bosworth. True or False?
Anne Boleyn is the mother to Elizabeth I. True or False?
Henry VIII chose his fourth wife Anne of Cleeves from a painting but when he met her thought she was ugly. True or False?
Only two of Henry VIII's six wives were imprisoned in the tower of London. True or False?
Edward VI was 9 when he became king and 15 when he died. True or False?
Henry VIII executed one of his closest friends, Thomas Cromwell.
Anne Bolelyn's hair was cut in Westminster Abbey before her coronation. True or False?
Before marrying Henry VIII Katherine of Aragon married Henry's brother Arthur. True or False?
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