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State of freedom, range in which one is allowed to make choices
One-fourth of a circle
To take away a freedom or right
Gypsy-like behavior; carefree, uprooted or poor
Exempt from Punishment
Drowsy, Lack of Energy
Idea that goes off in an unrelated direction
An increase in what things cost
Personal story
Common or mundane
To stay in a negative state without improving
Harmless, safe, inoffensive
A type of character or story that reappears throughout history.
Hatred or ill-will
Cold, harsh, severe
Deriving ideas from a bunch of sources
A collection of stars and planets
An area over which an authority has control
Wishing to do evil to others
Tough and informed
Specific vocabulary for a job
Legislation enacted by a local authority
A person who enjoys the company of others
Measurable with numbers
Relating to tailoring of clothes
Against the law
Uninteresting or hard to understand
A sign that announces the arrival of a person or event
Use language persuasive
A bitter rant
Big mass of ice
Command or order
Painfully moving, sharply experienced
Connection between two or more things
Showing good judgement
Unit of measure, 1000 meters
Temporarily laid off

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