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Can you name the Historical Events of the 1970s?

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Band that broke up in 1970
An earthquake in this country killed 72,000 people
This structure was brought to the US in 1971
Amusement park first opened in 1971
This man resigned from the US presidency
Medical problem discovered in 1975
King or Rock & Roll found dead in 1977
Movie Debuted in 1977
Medical instrument first used
Became pope in 1978
Product introduced by Sony
Computer & electronics company founded in 1975
Skyscraper built in Chicago
Brand of running shoes first sold 1972
Swimmer won 7 Olympic Gold Medals
Computer first launched in 1976
Ads for this product banned from TV
Television network first broadcast in 1979
This landed on Mars in 1976
Students protesting Vietnam war shot at this college

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