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Can you fill in the chorus lyrics from Panic! At The Disco's debut album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out?

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Swear to shake it up,
Oh, we're still so young,
I aim to be you eyes,
It's time for us to take a chance
Well we're just a
Make us it,
Or shrug us
Don't approve
Prescribed pills
To offset the pills
Take it
Can't take the
Take the
Sit back,
Sit back,
Have some composure,
Oh, no
You're pulling
Pulling the trigger
Give me
Give me
Give me
Give me
Give me
Baby, give me
When I say 'shotgun',
Let's get these teen hearts beating
So testosterone boys and
Will you dance to this beat,
And isn't this exactly where you'd like me
You know, praying for love in a lap dance
But, but I'm afraid that I, well
And I wouldn't be
I chime in with a
closing the
No, it's better to face
With a sense of
Strike up the band! Whoa-oh, the
Come congregation, let's
No. Don't you get it, don't you get it?
Just stay where
Douse the
I'm the new cancer,
You can't
Because you say so
You're reading lips,
What a wonderful
Raindrops on roses and
It's sleeping with roaches and
At the shade of streets and before
And a few more of

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