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Forced Order
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Produced with air flowing continuously through the oral cavity
Produced using the lips
Has a major obstruction of the oral cavity
Vocal tract configuration permits spontaneous voicing
Produced by retracting the body of the tongue from its neutral point
Produced with the tip or blade of the tongue raised
Can serve as the nucleus of a syllable
[strident] Produced in such a way as to create turbulent noise (+: s, z; -: θ, ð)
Produced by lowering the mid-section of the tongue so that air escapes laterally
Produced with a labiodental construction
Produced by lowering the body of the tongue away from the roof of the mouth
Produced by raising the body of the tongue toward the roof of the mouth
Produced with the vocal folds spread apart
Produced with the back of the tongue raised
Produced with constriction that extends for a considerable distance along the direction of airflow
Produced with vibration of the vocal folds
Produced with constriction at or in front of the alveolar ridge
Produced with the vocal folds tightly constricted
Produced by drawing the tongue root forward
Produced with lip rounding
Total constriction is released slowly, so that a fricative is formed after the release
Oral constriction that does not result in an increase in air pressure
Produced using the root of the tonuge
Produced with the velum lowered

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