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Animal that this quiz is about
A clenched hand
The opposite of slow
The part of the ship that supports the sail
Something that all matter has
A fish that is commonly either large or small mouthed
A Scottish girl
The loser of the race came in ___
gone by in time, already happened
To leave a message on my Facebook wall
assume a particular attitude or position in order to be photographed
Jab or prod with ones finger
A long fish that gets its name from its resemblance to the pole weapon
A common evergreen
This can be found at the tip of a fork
Connects two points
Another name for our moon
A character from the Harry Potter series nicknamed 'loony Lovegood'
A mackerel whose meat has a particularly pervasive odor
A catchy melody
You lift weights to do this to muscles
'Tiger' in Japanese, used 3X to confirm the attack on Pearl Harbor
A Cartoon explorer
A forgetful fish in the film Finding Nemo
involving or showing violence and bloodshed
A sucker fish that is invasive in the Great Lakes
Famous white whale __ dick

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