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Forced Order
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A distinct portion of a phrase, usually at least 2 sub phrases make up a phrase
Smallest definable musical idea
A musical unit consisting of a musical idea, a repetition or variation and then a passage that moves towards a cadence
When period phrases begin with similar material
When period phrases start out differently
Just like a period structure, except that it consists of pairs of phrases usually having a very conclusive cadence at the end
An additional bar or bars of music either at the end of a phrase or with in the phrase that extends the phrase
When a phrase extension occurs in the middle of a phrase
Uses modified intervals in order to preserve the key and real sequences maintain the exact intervals even if doing so moves the music into another key area
At least 2 phrases that are related to each other as a musical unit if the second phrase completes the idea of the first phrase and ends with a more conclusive cadence.
Repitition of a motive up or sown a specific interval
Relatively independent musical idea terminated by a cadence

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