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Leader of the Underground Railroad
Appealed for Freedom; X X vs. Sanford
Gave famous speech known as the Atlanta Compromise
Defined Segregation for almost 58 years; X vs. Ferguson
First Black Supreme Court Nominee
Refused to give up her bus seat
Wrote 'Letters from Birmingham Jail'
Played Malcolm X in the 1992 film
First African American to host a nationally syndicated talk show
First Black Secretary of State
First Black Woman to win Best Actress Oscar
This Notre Dame Alum was the first female Black Secretary of State
First Black President
This baseball player broke the color barrier
South African activist who fought for a nation's freedom
Wrote 'I know why the caged bird sings'
Most Grammy nominated artist in the history of the awards (76 nominations)
This Ohio State alum broke many records in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin; First to win 4 gold medals in one olympic
Youngest and first black person to win the Masters Tournament
First black woman on the cover of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue

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