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DescriptionBacteria (genus species)Clinical Manifestations
Gram - rods, motile, ferments lactose, green metallic sheen on EMB, pink-purple on MacConkey, O/H antigens; O antigen, K1 antigen, H antigen, adhesins; LT, ST, SLT toxins; GI/foodGastroenteritis (ranging from Traveler's diarrhea to 'invasive, massive diarrhea'; UTI, bacteremia, neonatal meningitis
Gram + rods in anaero culture, terminal sporing, motile; * toxin: inhibition of vesicular exocytosis and GABA or Gly release in skeletal muscle; not in body, spores (soil); vaccine[Due to toxin] early symptoms: lockjaw, drooling, sweating, irritability, back spasms; later symptoms: cardiac arrhythmias, profound sweating, dehydration
Weakly gram - rod shaped intracellular; MIF followed by Western blot or PCR; transmitted by ticksRocky mountain spotted fever
Gram - corkscrew, very small, motile; diagnosed from ECM; spread by Ixodes deer tick with deer reservoir for tick and mouse reservoir for tick larvaeLyme disease
Gram + cocci strips, cat. -, lancefield A, B-hemolytic, bacitracin sens., + PYR test, rapid on blood media (aero/anaero); capsule, many virulence factors; UR tract and skin; resp. Skin/subcutaneous: impetigo, erysipelas, cellulitis, necrotizing fasciitis; respiratory: pharyngitis, pneumonia; puerperal fever, bacteremia, Scarlet Fever, Toxic Shock Syndrome; glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever
Acid fast thin rods, non-motile, sporing; stain skin or nerve biopsy (LL) or granulomas (TL) with Ziehl-Neelsen; Cord factor, sulfatides, Wax D; spread via respiratory secretionsTL: localized skin or nerve damage with granuloma formation; LL: like TL, but much more infectious and deadly
Gram + rods in v-shaped pairs, non-spore, non-motile; Loeffler media, black colonies on K+ tellurite; pseudomembrane; * toxin; spread by respiratory droplets; in resp. tract; vacci[Due to toxin] early symptoms: pseudomembrane formation in pharynx, malaise, sore throat, anorexia, fever; later symptoms: severe prostration, rapid pulse, striking pallor, coma and death (usually last symptom); complications: myocarditis, polyneuritis, parenchymatous degeneration, fat infiltration, liver necrosis
Gram + diplococci strips, lancet shaped, cat. -, no lancefield, A-hemolytic, optichin sens.; polysaccharide capsule; *lysin, IgA protease; UR or sinuses; vaccine of capsular PSLocal: lobar pneumonia (com. acquired), otitis media, sinusitis; systemic: meningitis (adult), bacteremia
Gram - small/pleomorphic rods, blood media, diag. from X & V factors; capsule (polyribitol phosphate); IgA protease; LPS; commensal trans. via resp. droplets; conjugated vaccineLocal (non-encapsulated): otitis media, epiglottitis, pneumonia; systemic (encapsulated): meningitis
Weakly gram - rod shaped intracellular; MIF followed by Western blot or PCR; transmitted by body louse with human reservoir courtesy of Brill-Zinsser diseaseEpidemic typhus, Brill-Zinsser disease
Gram - diplococci, non-motile, non-sporing, oxidase +, cat. +, meta. glucose; Thayer-Martin medium and chocolate blood agar; Pili, Opa, Por B; IgA protease; LOS; contact or birthinLocal: (men) urethritis, (women) cervicitis, (newborns) purulent conjunctivitis; systemic: septic arthritis; other: peri-hepatitis
Gram + rods, non-spore, tumbling motility; blood culture using cold temps; hemolysin, *lysin O; endotoxin (lipid A); grows intracellular in gut; contaminated dairy and during birthNeonatal meningitis, septicemia in pregnant, meningitis in immunocompromised
DescriptionBacteria (genus species)Clinical Manifestations
Gram - diplococci, non-motile, non-sporing, ox. +, cat. +, meta. gluc./malt.; Thayer-Martin/chocolate blood agar; Capsule, Pili, Por B; iron acq., IgA protease; LPS; resp. dropletsMeningitis, *cemia, can lead to bilateral destruction of adrenal glands
Weakly gram - rod shaped intracellular; cell culture or use direct antigen detecting, ELISA, or PCR of urine; LPS; transmitted by intimate contact or transmitted during birthUrogenital: (men) urethritis, epididymitis, prostatitis, proctitis, (women) cervitis, salpingitis, (neonates) neonatal conjunctivitis, pneumonia; trachoma; lymphogranuloma venereum; Reiter's syndrome
Acid fast thin rods, non-motile, sporing; stain with Ziehl-Neelsen, PCR; Cord factor, sulfatides, Wax D; spread through respiratory droplets with humans as only reservoirPrimary: caseating granulomas in lung; secondary: dissemination to lymph nodes, CNS, blood [commonly seen in AIDS patients]
Gram + rods, anaero culture/stain aspirates, subterminal sporing, motile; various exotoxins; contact of soil with puncture/deep wounds; found in human GI tract and soilSkin/subcutaneous: cellulitis, gas gangrene; GI: food poisoning
Poorly gram staining, use silver; corkscrew with hooks, very small, culture blood or CSF on broth or agar medium, darkfield, smear with Giemsa, MAT; food/water with inf. urinePhase 1: mild 'influenza like'; phase 2: chills, fever, headache, nausea, muscle pain, followed by presentation in liver, kidneys, and CNS causing jaundice and hemorrhages; afebrile period; recurrence: fever, presentation in urine, septic meningitis, nephritis, hepatitis, skin lesions; complications: aseptic meningitis, Weill's disease
Gram + rods in long chains, sporing, non-motile; protein capsule; lethal factor and edema factor (A subunit) and protective antigen (B subunit); found in soil or livestock; vaccine[Due to toxin} cutaneous, GI, or inhalation *
Gram + cocci clusters, cat. +, coag. +, rapid growth on non-selective media (aero/anaero); capsule, protein A; multiple enzymes; TSST-1, Enterotoxin A/B, exoliatin; flora of skinSkin/subcutaneous: impetigo, cellulitis, folliculitis, furuncles, carbuncles; respiratory: pneumonia; bone-joint: septic arthritis, osteomyelitis; acute endocarditis, bacteremia
Gram + cocci strips, catalase -, lancefield group B, B-hemolytic, bacitracin resistant, CAMP test, PCR; female lower GI/GU tracts, can be vertically transmitted during birthNeonatal: meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia; Adults: septic arthritis, sepsis, cellulitis
Gram - rods in aero culture, motile, phototrophic, lactose ferm. -, oxidase +/nitrate -, blue-green pigment; exotoxin A, exoenzyme S, elastase, phospholipase C, endotoxin; ubiquiNosocomial: pulmonary (bronchitis), UTI, bacteremia, endocarditis, burn complications; Community: pneumonia (CF pt's), otitis media, wounds (DM foot), folliculitis
Gram - corkscrew, motile, grow on Kelly's medium (difficult), aniline dyes (Giemsa or Wright); spread by lice or ticks with rodent reservoirRelapsing fever
Acid fast thin rods, non-motile, sporing; stain with Ziehl-Neelsen, PCR; Cord factor, sulfatides, Wax D; spread through respiratory droplets with humans as only reservoir; vaccinePrimary: caseating granulomas in lung; secondary: dissemination to lymph nodes, CNS, blood

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