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Can you name the verbs and nouns that are also common first names?

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DefinitionOne-Syllable NameFirst Letter of Name
verb: am (is, are, etc.) going to; noun: a legal declaration of a person's wishes in regards to their propertyW
verb: to insitute a process in law againstS
noun: a statement of money owed for goods or servicesB
verb: to move quickly up and downB
verb: to put on or dress in; noun: the first appearance of daylight in the morningD
verb: to take something from someone by unlawful force or threat of violenceR
noun: a small dent or woundN
noun: greatest amount or quantity possible (abbreviated)M
DefinitionOne-Syllable NameFirst Letter of Name
noun: a toilet or bathroom (slang)J
verb: to hit lightly or gentlyP
noun: a visible impression or trace on something; another word for gradeM
verb: to throw an object (slang)C
noun: a large indoor area used for athletics and physical education; a place where people exercise*J
noun: a electronic device that amplifies sound* (abbreviated)M
verb: to go down or rest on the knee or knees*N
noun: a piece of fabric used as a protective covering on the floor or counter*M

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