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Can you name the Characters of the Hunger Games trilogy?

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Main character's 'cousin' and hunting partner
Figures out that the arena is a clock, nicknamed 'Nuts'
Sarcastic tribute from District 7 who cuts the tracker out of the lead character's arm in the Quarter Quell
Her name was chosen at the reaping in District 12 for the 74th Hunger Games
Last tribute to die in the 74th Hunger Games
Wears a white rose in his lapel to cover the scent of blood
Teams up with the main character in the 74th Hunger Games. Is covered with flowers when she dies.
The 'Girl on Fire'
Girl from District 12 who uses childhood memories to help the baker's son recover from the Capitol's 'hijacking'
Won his original Hunger Games by using a trident, becomes allies with main character in the Quarter Quell
Member of main character's prep team with pea green skin
Dies from eating poisonous berries
Gives the main character a mockingjay pin
The only male from District 12 to participate in two Hunger Games
Addicts who paint flowers in the Quarter Quell
Two-time tribute from District 3 who helps the Rebels develop bombs
Avox brother who is part of the camera crew who film the rebels wearing 'insect shells'
Easygoing peacekeeper in District 12 who becomes an avox
Alcoholic mentor for District 12 tributes
Spares the main character's life for trying to help his fellow District 11 tribute
Dies in the 'poisonous fog'
President of District 13
Stylist of the male tribute from District 12
Head gamemaker in the 74th Hunger Games who is killed
Old woman who sells soup at the Hob
Former stylist who hides the Star Squad in her shop in the Capitol
Capitol reporter who interviews the tributes
Stylist of the 'girl on fire'
Guard in District 13 who gives the main character his Holo just before he dies
Reads the names at the reapings and keeps the tributes on schedule
Head Gamemaker of the Quarter Quell and a leader of the rebellion
Head of the camera crew who films the rebels' propaganda
Head of the rebel troops in District 8
Tribute who went insane after the 70th Hunger Games. Marries a tribute from the same district.
Avox girl who the main character and her hunting partner see captured by the Capitol

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