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Can you name the answers to the hints given with Pokemon in the Generation I and II games?

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AThe legendary bird of ice.
BPokemon that evolves from Gloom with the use of a Sun Stone.
CThe 'Guardian' of the Moon Stone.
DThe 'messenger Pokemon.' A favorite of the Champion. (He has 3!)
EElectric-type pokemon that can be found near the power plant in Generation II.
FBird Pokemon that carries a branch.
GGhost Pokemon that resembles a ball of floating gas.
HA psychic Pokemon who dangles a pendulum.
IThe pre-evolution of Jigglyupuff.
JThe electric evolution of Eevee.
KEvolution of the Pokemon that can be resurrected from the Dome Fossil.
LPokemon with a long, sticky tongue.
MA dark/flying Pokemon common at Mt. Silver.
NFinal evolution of the male Nidoran.
OPokemon that can be resurrected with the Helix Fossil.
PVery common bird Pokemon. One of the first captured in a new game of Pokemon.
QA water/ground Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Wooper.
RA Pokemon that charges and rams into its enemies. The evolution of Rhyhorn.
SIce/Water Pokemon that has a small horn on its head.
TA fighting-type Pokemon which can evolve into any one of three fighting Pokemon
UPokemon found only at the Ruins of Alph. They resemble the letters written on the walls.
VPokemon that resembles a Pokeball
WPokemon used by James in the anime. The evolution of Koffing.
XPsychic bird Pokemon introduced in Gen. II.
YRare bug type Pokemon found near Goldenrod City.
ZPokemon commonly found in caves.

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