Name the planets from Star Wars.

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Can you name the planets from Star Wars by the given clue.?

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Hot, desert world famous for its two suns.
The planet is home to a city which spans the whole planet. Capital of the Republic.
Water planet home to the secret cloning facilities.
Ice planet home to a Rebel Base.
Heavily forested planet which is home to several fierce predators. Aayla Secura led the invasion of this planet during the Clone Wars.
Volcanic planet where the Separtist Leaders were 'taken care of'.
Planet which is home to Cloud City.
Core World planet of the Republic. It is the home of Princess Leia Organa.
Planet home to the Wookies.
Planet where Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated General Grievous.
Home planet of the Emperor
The moon containing the secret rebel base orbitted this planet
Planet given by Princess Leia as the location of the secret Rebel Base.
Desert planet where the Clone Wars officially started.
The moon of this planet which had the same name contained a shield generator protecting the Death Star
Planet on which Yoda went into exile.

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