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Can you name the year that these significant events took place?

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Iraq invades Kuwait
Columbine High School shooting
Mark McGwire hits 70th homerun of season to set an MLB record
Violent earthquake hits Los Angeles
MLB players go on strike
Shootout between Branch Davidians and federal agents at Waco, Texas
Channel Tunnel linking England and France is completed
Nelson Mandela freed from prison
World Trade Center bombed
Dolly the sheep is successfully cloned
Oklahoma City bombing
Princess Diana killed in car crash
Bomb at Summer Olympics in Atlanta
World Wide Web made available for home use
OJ Simpson arrested on murder charges
Soviet Union collapses
Nelson Mandela elected president of South Africa
Hurricane Andrew makes landfall
Monica Lewinsky scandal
The DOW closes above 10,000 for the first time
NAFTA goes into effect
Republican party gains control of both the House and the Senate
Hubble Telescope launched
TWA Flight 800 explodes off the coast of Long Island
'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' goes into effect
Magic Johnson tested HIV positive
India and Pakistan detonate nuclear weapons to join the atomic superpowers
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) first launched
Population of Earth reaches 6 billion
The Europeon Union is formed

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