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HintAnimalExtra Facts
If injured, sickly or struggling these animals will often turn to hunting people and may become habituated to it
One of the top predators in it's Habitat
Have the ability to kill any other land animal
Do not usually hunt people, but there have been cases
Very Bad Tempered Animals
Possesses the ability to kill 10 grown men just through contact
Death from this animal occurs when it is prepared incorrectly
Stealth Hunters and their victims often do not know they are being hunted until it's too late
HintAnimalExtra Facts
This animal has caused at least 5,500 deaths since the 1950s
Many thousands of people die every year because of the bite of this species
Known as one of the 'big five' or 'Black Death' in Africa
There are over one thousand species of this animal, but less than 25 are lethal to humans
Estimates of human fatalities from this animal vary wildly between dozens to thousands annually
The deadliest animal of it's species. It is able to camouflage and transform itself
Argued to be the biggest killer known (in some parts of the world)

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