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Name of the main character who is alive
Name of the hologram
Name of the humanoid lifeform
Name of the mechanoid
Name of the shipboard computer
Name of the main human's love interest
Number of the newest season
Popular 4 letter word
Synonym for jerk
Synonym for idiot
The emohawk was a type of GELF called a...
What type of robot was the Inquisitor?
What was the name of Rimmer's puppet when he was infected with the holovirus?
What type of food does Lister hate?
Name an alternative version of Cat
Name Rimmer's heroic alternative self
Whose catchphrase is...
To which people in his vicinity reply with...
Back to Earth turned into a parody of...
Name one historical figure on the side of good who was alive at the start of the epiisode in MeltdownSorry, Santa and Winnie the Pooh are more important culturally than historically (Santa would have counted if he were St. Nicholas in the episode)
Name the two manifestations of Lister's psyche in the 5th episode of season 1
Luck is a...

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