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What do you know about infection control?

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administered inside the body
microorganisms inside the blood that cause disease
contaminated fluids that come from the body
impure, dirty, polluted
to prevent the spread of contaminents from one to another
when to wash your hands
when to wash your hands
when to wash your hands
when to wash your hands
when to wash your hands
clean techniques
removal of contaminants
process used to kill or eliminate microorganisms
destroying the microorganism
illness that is obtained from a medical facility
contaminated items must be bagged where used
red bag
clear/white bag
blue bag
orange bag
the entrance of microorganisms is not considered disease until _________
if never altered, you are a ______
disease causing agent
green snot
yellow snot
bacterial shape
bacterial shape
bacterial shape
parasite- lives in blood stream, intestines, genitals
plant-like microbe
has virus and bacteria characteristics
types of diseases (type next)
in your DNA
brought on by drugs
body doesn't recognize its own tissues
breaking down or declining from its original state
types of infections (type next)
rapid onset of s/s
lasts a long time, sometimes a lifetime
relapse and remises
progresses over a long period of time
method of control to protect employeesfrom exposure to all human blood and OPIM
cycle of infection (see your notes, type next)
capable of living (warm, moist, dark)
protects public health and safety
puncture proof and leak proof biohazard boxes
infection of the liver
not blood borne, but still a hazard of the medical profession (bacterium that attacks the lungs)
personal protective equipment
separation of the seriously ill to prevent the spread of infection or to protect them from the enviornment
direct touch
organisms spread by larger particles in the air
minute particles in the air
Lab Hazards (type next)
exposure to substances
nsafe conditions that can lead to injury or death
body mechanics
contains specific information about a __________
housekeeping is ________ responsibility

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