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49 times 49 isMath is a basic skill needed for any career.
Yellow and red makes....Yellow and Red are primary colors.
DreamWorks made a movie about what 2 ogres?Shrek's 'sidekick' is Donkey.
An elephant sucks up water to drink using what body part?10 adult elephants can produce up to 1 pound of waste each minute.
How many cell phones are discarded in the US every minute (approximately)?Verizon Wireless is one of the major phone companies.
How many cans of Campbell's Soup are being sold every minute during the month of January?The stock symbol on the NYSE for Campbell's Soup Company is CPB.
About how many pizzas are baked every minute?Pepe's Pizza currently has 5 open locations.
When you brush forward and then back when tap dancing, what is the step called?Other tap steps include: cramp rolls, flaps, ball changes, and heel rolls
True or False: It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.Try this! You will never believe it until you see it!
QuestionAnswerFun Fact
True or False: White chocolate contains cocoa beans.White chocolate isn't actually chocolate-it contains no cocoa.
The last book that came out in 'The Clique' series (not counting the prequel) was what?This New York Times Bestselling Series was written by Lisi Harrison
3._________. What are the next 5 digits of pi (after the decimal point)?http://pi.ytmnd.com/ This is a song written about the digits of pi.
What brand of tires are on the car Lightning McQueen from the movie 'Cars'?Cars was produced by the company DreamWorks.
What car number is Lightning McQueen from the movie 'Cars'?Mater is Lightning McQueen's best friend
What is the title of the third book in the Twilight Saga?This series was written by Stephenie Meyer.
What song written by David Bowie that was covered in the movie Shrek 2?Lets Dance is another song by this artist. It was featured as a song on Lego Rock Band.
What show is Planet Sheen a spin-off from?Jimmy Neutron is a spin-off of a spin-off.

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