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Can you name the Hunger Games trivia from book one?

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Who does Peeta say the Avox girl looks like?
At which skill does Peeta excel?
Who is killed by the poisonous berries?
In District 12, what is punishable by death?
What score does Rue get in training?
What is the name of the bird that Katniss eats in the arena
What is the name of the place where past Hunger Games winners live?
What does Katniss give to Peeta in order to escape the cave and go to the feast?
What does Katniss sell to the mayor?
Who gives Katniss cookies?
Who has aqua hair and gold tattoos?
What is prohibited in the Hunger Games (due to negative audience reaction)
What does Katniss's father give her as a treat on New Year's?
What is the golden horn called?
Who stabs Peeta's leg?

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