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Can you name the Belgian Creations, given a description?

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This road paving was created in 1872.
This young fictional reporter has a dog called Snowy.
You can calculate it using: weight (kg) / height^2 (m)
These refrigerants nearly destroyed the ozone layer.
Despite the name, these fast-food accompaniments are from Belgium
Charlie Parker was a virtuoso on this instrument
These creatures are threatened by Gargamel
This was the first synthetic thermosetting plastic.
This scientific idea gave its name to a modern sitcom.
This painting features a pipe above a confusing caption.
This abbreviation refers to the 'Low Countries' of Europe
This foreign song could be roughly translated as 'This works for me'.
This 1892 play features a notable score by Debussy.
A Belgian found that this breastbone had only three parts.
This system of horizontal lines on a map is used by GPS systems.

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