Can you name the words that rhyme with 'oat' based on these definitions?

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a vehicle for the water
a farm animal
when something is suspended in water
a multicelled organism
routine, repetitive action for the purpose of remembering
a piece of clothing that keeps one warm
isolated location; item to change the channel
a few words on a paper; a single sign that represents a musical tone
to repeat something another once said, thought, or put on paper
the water surrounding a castle
to fully give oneself to something or someone
when someone has put their ideas on paper
a US citizen's right and responsibility once he/she is 18 years old
the place food passes in order to get from your mouth to your stomach
to support publically
another word for a bag; to carry
to signify directly; refer to specifically
to put someone down a level
to signify or suggest indirectly; hidden meaning
a long cloak with a hood; a bullfighter's cape

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