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Bitterness, discord
Keen insight
Eagerness, speed
A cursed, detested person
A strong dislike, repugnance
A curse, expression of ill-will
A gift or blessing
An attempt to ruin one's repuatation with lies
A great fire
A puzzle, problem
Readiness to believe
Greed, strong desire
Impudence, nerve, insolence
Lofty, pompous language
Domination over others
One who attacks common beliefs or institutions
Wickedness or sin
Angry verbal attack
Generous giving of lavish gifts
Deception, slight-of-hand
A destructive whirlpool sucking in objects
A curse
A small amount of something
A swampy bog, something that traps and confuses
Generosity in giving
The lowest point of something
Someone who is young or inexperienced
A remedy for all ills or difficulties
A model for excellence or perfection
An outcast
Frugality, stinginess
Rudeness, irriatability
An uninspired remark, cliche
An abundance, excess
An aggressive argument against a specific opinion
An omen
Virtue, integrity
A strong inclination toward something
An inclination, preference
Physical beauty
A difficult situation
Deep, bitter resentment
Uprightness, extreme morality
A trick
Shrewdness, soundness of perspective
Overabundant supply or indulgence
One who flatters for self-gain
Audacity, recklessness
Depravity, moral corruption
Resentment, offence
Truthfulness, accuracy
Highest point, culminating point
A gentle breeze

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