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To abolish, usually by authority
To sketch out in a vague way
To reject, renounce
To take without justification
To polish, shine
To strike with force
To coax with flattery
To support, hold up
To criticize openly
To make impure
To urge, coax
To belittle, depreciate
To violate the sacredness
To conceal, fake
To laugh at mockingly
To be indecisive
To shun, avoid
To show, reveal
To free from guilt or blame, exonerate
To weaken, exhaust
To eradicate,obliderate
To praise, revere
To make amends for, atone
To make a ranting speech
To make accustomed
To render incomprehensible
To make an impression/to infringe
To reduce the severity of
To condemn, outlaw
To proclaim, make known
To scold, criticize
To scold, criticize
To take back, repeal
To astonish, make insensible
To infer with little evidence
To reject, refuse to accept
To criticize or scold severely
To seize by force
To move in waves
To fluctuate, hesitate
To confuse or annoy
To lower in importance, defame
To regard with respect and honor
To berate, criticize angrily

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