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seasongirlimportant info
season 4dean was named after her
season 4castiel's other host
season 2had a crush on dean
season 4jimmy's wife
season 3creepy child
season 3ed's best sister
season 2beautiful reaper
season 1met roadside (literally)
season 3dean's bendy weekend
season 1sam's friend (also shares her name with a sam girl)
season 1kissed sam in season 1 but died in season 8
season 1the psychic
season 4she was licked by 'casper the pervy ghost'
season 3sexy bar tender
season 1dean saved her kid from drowning
season 2special child
seasongirlimportant info
season 1tumor patient
season 2badass mom
season 2el sol beer
season 2ghost running from a ghost
season 1mom
season 2werewolf
season 3betrayed sam
season 4dean 'righted some wrongs' with her
season 3a thief
season 4sexy psychic
season 3secretary at sheriff's office
season 1dean's girlfriend
season 1sam's girlfriend
season 4suicidal teddy bear
season 2special child
season 4she was her mother's 'little miracle'

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