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Can you name the Freeform's The Fosters Characters?

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Beat foster dads car up with a bat, fell in love with foster brother
Plays piano, got beat up and had his hand smashed,
Gave money to birth mom, joined dance team, on STEM
Joined the wrestling team, moved to boarding school, dated above's best friend
Gets adopted, classifies as gay, biological brother of first character
Police Officer, Mom
Vice Principal, Mama
Police Officer, Father of Second Character
Drug Addict, Mother of twins
Beat first character up in Juvy, became best friends, kidnapped own kid
Dated one of the twins, was in a band with second character
Dated youngest in the family, moved to LA
Dated one of the twins, on the wrestling team
Lived with B's dad, ran away to be with brother
Dated first character and slept with one of the twins
Best friends with one of the twins, slept with the other
Runs Girls United
The baby that they lost
First Characters bio Dad
Youngest characters bio Dad

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