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Health Belief ModelCues, Social and Demographic Variables, Beliefs, Actions
Locus of ControlInternal, Powerful Others, Chance
Self-EfficacyVicarious, Emotive, Persuasory, Enactive
Media CampaignChip Pan Fires
LegislationBike Helmets
Fear ArousalTeeth
Cognitive Rational Non-AdherenceNon-Adherence due to side effects
Measures of Non-AdherenceCapsule counting, levels of potassium bromide in blood, electronic monitoring
Improving AdherenceFunhaler
Work as a Cause of StressSaw Mill
Hassles and Life Events as a Cause of StressHassles Rating Scale, Berkman Life Events Scale, Bradburn Moral Scale, Hopkins Symptom Checklist
Lack of Control as a Cause of StressCar Crash Victims
Self-Report Methods as a Measure of StressLife Events Scale
Physiological Methods as a Measure of StressRelaxed task/ Difficult Cognitive Task
Combined Methods as a Measure of StressSaw Mill
Cognitive Techniques for Managing StressRET
Behavioural Techniques for Managing StressSystematic Desensitisation
Social Techniques for Managing StressSocial Support
Categorising Dysfunctional Behaviour22 Categries
Definitions of Dysfunctional BehaviourStatistical Infrequency, Deviation from social norms, Deviation from ideal mental health, statistical infrequency
Biases in Diagnosis of Dysfunctional BehaviourHPD, ASPD
Characteristics of disorders3 Types of Disorders
Behavioural Explanations of Dysfunctional BehavioursLittle Albert, Classical Conditioning
Biological Explanations of Dysfunctional BehavioursBiological Preparedness
Cognitive Explanations of Dysfunctional BehavioursDogs
Behavioural Treatments of Dysfunctional BehavioursLucy
Biological Treatments of Dysfunctional BehavioursSerotonin, SSRI's
Cognitive Treatments of Dysfunctional BehavioursRET
Disrupted Families44 Theives
Learning from OthersExposure to Pro-Crime Attitudes
Disadvantages NeighbourhoodsCriminogenic Environment Causes Offence
Criminal Thinking PatternsAmbiguous Scenarios= Violent
Moral Development3 Stages of Moral Development
Social Cognition Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Brain DysfunctionNGRI
Genes and SerotoninLarge Family from the Netherlands
GenderMore Testosterone= More violent crimes
Recreating Faces by E-fitCelebrity faces recreated using different methods, Sketch artist, E-fit, EVO-fir
Cognitive Interview Context Reinstatement, Report Everything, Change the Perspective, Change the Order
Weapon FocusTacotime
Detecting LiesCorrelation between experience and truth and lie accuracy
Interrogation TechniquesDirect Postive Confrontation, Theme Development, Presenting an Alternative Question
False ConfessionsVoluntary, Coerced-Compliant, Coerced Internalised
Top-Down TypologyFBI
Bottom-Up ApproachesUK, Circle Theory
Case-StudyJohn Duffy
Effects Of Oder on TestimonyPrimacy, Recency, Story Order
PersuasionSource, Message, Medium, Target, Situation
Evidence Ruled as InadmissibleInsurance/ No Insurance
AttractivenessWhat is beautiful is also good, Halo Effect
Witness ConfidenceHigher Confidence= Higher Chance of Conviction
The Effect go Shield and Videotape of Children Method had no significant difference on conviction rates
Stages and Influences on Decision MakingOrientation Period, Open Confrontation, Reconciliation
Minority InfluenceLine Task
Majority InfluenceBlue/ Green Slide study

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