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Can you name the statistically superlative countries by the 'achievements'?

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'Achievement'CountryLocation Clue
Lowest Human Development IndexWestern Africa
Most Unstable Country (According to the Failed States Index)Eastern Africa
Highest Suicide RateEastern Europe
Highest Infant Mortality RateSouthern Africa
Most Books Published per Year (New Titles)Western Europe
Lowest Literacy Rate and Worst EducationWestern Africa
Least Densely PopulatedNorthern Asia
Highest Consumption of Beer per CapitaCentral Europe
Longest CoastlineNorth America
Largest Renewable Fresh Water ResourcesSouth America
Lowest Birth RateEastern Asia
Highest Satisfation with Life (and highest Minimum Wage)Northern Europe
Lowest Level of Democracy (According to the Democracy Index)Eastern Asia
Least Peaceful (According to the Global Peace Index)Middle East
Highest Intentional Homicide RateNorth America
Highest Environmental Happiness (According to the Happy Planet Index)North America
Highest PovertyEastern Africa
Highest Level of Democracy (According to Democracy Index)Northern Europe
Largest Coconut ProducerSoutheastern Asia
Most People Living with HIV/AIDSSouthern Africa
Largest Wine ProducerSouthern Europe
Best Student Performance in ReadingEastern Asia
Largest Avocado ProducerNorth America
Lowest Satisfaction with LifeCentral Africa
Most Time Zones (Overseas Territories IncludedWestern Europe
'Achievement'CountryLocation Clue
Highest Fertility RateWestern Africa
Largest Tiger PopulationSouthern Asia
Lowest Infant Mortality RateSoutheastern Asia
Most Press Freedom (According to the Freedom of the Press Report)Northern Europe
Most Peaceful (According to the Global Peace Index)Oceania
Highest Elevation PointSouthern Asia
Highest Overall Life ExpectancyWestern Europe
Highest Percentage of Population Suffering from UndernourishmentEastern Africa
Highest Government Budget SurplusMiddle East
Lowest Level of Business Corruption (According to the Bribe Payers Index)Central Europe
Highest Annual Marijuana UseOceania
Largest Wool ProducerOceania
Lowest GDPOceania
Largest Illegal Opium ProducerSouthern Asia
Highest Human Development IndexNorthern Europe
Largest Forest AreaEurope/Asia
Highest Female to Male RatioEastern Europe
Highest Consumption of Olive Oil per CapitaSouthern Europe
Highest Ecological FootprintMiddle East
Highest Level of Gun OwnershipNorth America
Most Densely PopulatedWestern Europe
Lowest Overall Life Expectancy Southern Africa
Highest Consumption of Coffee per CapitaNorthern Europe
Largest Watermelon, Eggplant, and Peanut ProducerEastern Asia
Highest Unemployment RateSouthern Africa

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