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What is the name of the graph whch indicates how much light a particular pigment absobs at each wavelength?
What is the word given to the means of seperating one type of molecule from another?
What are the two main types of carotenoids?
Which photosystem has an absorption peak of 700nm?
Which products from the light dependent stage are used in the light independent stage?
What is the name of the five carbon acceptor molecule?
Which mineral is responsible in chlorophyll production?
What is reduced to triose phosphate in the light independent stage?
Which stage produces oxygen?
Which mineral is used for the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in plants?
Which process produces hydrogen ions and electrons?
Which unicellular algae was used to work out the light independent stage?
Apart from glucose and amino acids, what else can be manufactured from triose phosphate?
Which photophosphorylation does not produce reduced NADP?
Where does the light dependent stage take place?
What is the final electron acceptor in photosynthesis?
Which enzyme combines RUBP with carbon dioxide?
What provides a source of electrons for photosystem two in the light dependent stage?
What supplies hydrogen in the light independent stage?
Where does the light independent stage take place?

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