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Senor Chang's first name
Abed's father owns this type of restaurant
Who has a hidden gift for plumbing?
Shirley's sons' names
What Shirley actually dressed as for Halloween
Britta pronounces this word strangely
Starburns' real first name
Britta dropped out of high school to impress this band
Greendale's current mascot
Dean Pelton's first name
Shirley specializes in this type of baked good
Has a doppelganger named Joey
What everyone thought Shirley dressed as for Halloween
Who ratted out Senor Chang?
Second semester blow-off class taken by Shirley, Troy, Pierce and Britta
The prize for Paintball Assassin Last Man Standing
Name of the bully Jeff challenged to a fight at Christmastime
Abed calls hot cocoa mixed stirred into cold milk this
Number of times Pierce has been married
Troy and Annie went to this high school
Dean Pelton has a fetish for...
Senor Chang keeps getting what stolen from the Y?
Senor Chang's self-given nickname
Vaughn transferred to a college in which state?
Jeff hates this very popular TV show
Abed once pretended to be this Mad Men character
Troy injured himself in high school doing one of these
Second semester blow-off class taken by Jeff, Annie and Abed
Who was the Paintball Assassin Last Man Standing?
Annie was addicted to this drug
Who cheated on the Spanish exam?
Class taught by Professor 'Seize the Day' Whitman
Britta dressed up as this for Halloween

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