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Name of the club Robin got Ted and Barney into
Name of Victoria's bakery
Lily's competitive eating nickname
Barney and Lily were both arrested for this
Ted calls his list of stuff he's too old for this
Canadian-themed bar Robin frequents
Lily keeps telling Marshall why this person is famous (but he keeps forgetting)
What Robin says instead of 'I love you'
What Barney thought Ted's middle name was
Ted's actual middle name
Robin's middle name
Name of the woman Ted went on two blind dates with seven years apart
Ted's Ohio hometown
Ted's college radio DJ nickname
Ted once claimed he was 'vomit-free' since...
Name of the goat Lily rescued
Girl Ted broke up with twice - both times on her birthday
High-caffeine soft drink Marshall and Ted drank on road trips
Name of Barney's one-man play
Robin Sparkles' minor pop hit
Robin Sparkles' less successful 'artistic follow-up'
Lily's high school boyfriend
Lily's apartment was turned into one of these
Barney was going to go here with the Peace Corps
This is to Canadian women what chocolate is to American women
Robin wants to hear her dad say this six-word phrase
Robin's favorite hockey team
Actress who plays Ted's future daughter
Actor who plays Ted's future son
College Marshall, Ted and Lily attended
Barney believes this game show host is his biological father
Robin went here after her breakup with Ted
Stella's husband Tony wrote this movie
Girl the 'diagonal' on the 'Hot-Crazy Scale' was named after
Girl the 'zone' on the 'Hot-Crazy Scale' was named after
Lily's nickname for Marshall
Marshall's nickname for Lily
Rib Town's owners wanted their building shaped like one of these
Name of the overly chatty girl Ted once dated
Barney's brother's name

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