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business philosophy based on premise that those who understand their customers needs can gain an advantage
Recency, frequency, monetary value
Serves as the org's backbone in providing fundamental decision-making support
Managing the info flow throughout the stages of the supply chain
a new way of doing things that initially does not meet the needs of existing customers
a global public network of comuter networks that pass information using common computer protocols
a global hypertext system that uses the internet as its transport system
the internet standard that support the exchange of info
the condition that exists when those with access to technology have great advantages over those who don't
a set of economic, social, and technology trends that form the basis for the next generation of the Internet
the buying and selling of goods/services over the internet
conducting of business on the Internet
Businesses buying from and sellilng to each other over the Internet
any business that sells its products or services to consumers over the Internet
Consumers that sell a product or service to a business over the Internet
sites offering goods and services to assist sonsumers interacting with each other over the Internet
a website or web app that uses content from more than one source to create a completly new service
a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications
capturing, classifying, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing info assets in a way that provides context for effective decisions
web-based tool that makes it easy for users to add, remove, and change online content
software that supports team interaction and dynamics
the dominant collaboration app on the Internet today
a type of communications system that enables you to create a private chat room using the internet

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