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QUIZ: Can you name the HIMYM Characters based on the clues given?

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Forced Order
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My parents are divorced.
I don't like going to the mall.
I told the most inappropriate story the group has ever heard.
I make scrapbooks.
My first child is a boy.
I have a sister who is married to a guy who wears socks with sandals.
I have falsely claimed to be an architect.
I have lived in San Francisco.
I have left someone at the alter.
I am a receptionist at a dermatology practice.
I am the runt of the family.
I played tennis in high school.
I made jello shots on Thanksgiving.
I don't wear pants to work.
I have a daughter in 3rd grade.
I officiated a wedding.
I write letters to myself in the future.
Birds do not get me.
I have a catch phrase based on my profession.
I sometimes talk in a high-pitched voice.

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