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Can you answer these facts about Andy 'The Nard Dog' Bernard from NBC's 'The Office'?

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What college did Andy attend?
What's the name of the receptionist Andy dated?
What is the name of the A Cappella group Andy sang in?
Who is Andy's enemy from college?
What nickname does Andy give Pete?
Where does Andy sail to for 3 months?
Who was Andy engaged to marry?
What was Andy's signature song in college?
What did Andy put in his wine at the Glee viewing party?
What does Andy punch when mad?
What does Andy's diploma say he got his Bachelor's in?
What nickname does Andy give Jim?
Which branch does Andy work at before Scranton?
What is Andy's younger brother's name?
Who replaces Andy in the office while he is away for three months?
What does Andy float down Lake Scranton dressed as?
What starts bleeding on Andy's body during the Fun Run?
What song does Andy sing to ask Angela out?
What kind of car does Andy drive?
What part of Andy's body is injured at Niagara Falls?

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