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ConflictLeaderBranch or Command
American RevolutionContinental Army
American RevolutionContinental Army in the South
American RevolutionContinental Navy
War of 1812Colonel of militia in the South
War of 1812United States Navy
American Indian WarsBattle of Tippecanoe
Texas War of IndependenceTexan commander (San Jacinto)
Mexican-American WarUnited States Army (Chapultepec)
American Civil WarUnion General-in-chief
American Civil WarArmy of Northern Virginia
American Civil WarArmies of the Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland
American Civil WarArmy of the Potomac
American Civil WarArmy of Northern Virginia
American Indian WarsUnited States Army (7th Cavalry)
Spanish-American WarColonel of 'Rough Riders'
Spanish-American WarUnited States Navy Pacific Fleet
ConflictLeaderBranch or Command
WWICommander, American Expeditionary Force
WWIUnited States Marine Corps
WWIISupreme Allied Commander, Europe
WWIISupreme Allied Commander, Pacific
WWII United States Army (3rd Army in Europe)
WWIIUnited States Army (12th Army Group)
WWIIUnited States Navy, Pacific Fleet
WWIIUnited States Navy 3rd Fleet
WWIIGeneral of the Army
Cold WarUnited States Air Force Chief of Staff
Cold WarFather of the Nuclear Navy
KoreaUnited States Army, UN commander
VietnamUnited States Army, Chief of Staff (early)
Vietnam United States Army, Chief of Staff (late)
Operation Desert Storm (Iraq I)United States Army, Central Command
Operation Iraqi FreedomCommander, Multi-National Force-Iraq

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