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1.) liberated
2.) Canadian indigenous people
3.) rowing
4.) raven
5.) eat
6.) cut
7.) British male
8.) converse
9.) winter wear
10.) castle defense
11.) main source of protein
12.) medieval alcohol
13.) on your shoulders
14.) pay attention to
15.) can't go without
16.) geek
17) A regional center in Armenia
18.) it is the word
19.) encircle someone with [#24]
20.) cover with [#21]
21.) precious metal
22.) strong type
23.) lightening
24.) ceinture
25.) beyond all others
26.) forcibly changed shape
27.) hit without swinging
28.) the stopper on a barrel
29.) water pipe
30.) une chanson
31.) having performed [#30]
32.) what you breathe with
33.) very large in one dimension
34.) 3-stringed children's guitar
35.) first brand of synthesizer
36.) one of Silver Surfer's nemeses
37.) Mindy's roommate, and later, husband
38.) bottle stopper
39.) a corporation
40.) communally-owned business
41.) the sound of horse hooves
42) dutch shoe
43.) work hard over a period of time
44.) a British kiss
45.) steal
46.) dateless dance-goer
47.) Kyle's best friend
48.) British submachine gun
49.) Egyptian monotheistic sun deity
50) Gulf of
51.) Garden of
52.) equal
53.) at all times

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