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Forced Order
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Took Nathan's Virginity
Worked at a factory with Skills' father
Has a baby with Bevin
Wanted to go to Stanford
Fergie's best friend
Former record store worker turned musician
Makes fun of cheerleaders in artwork
Goes to rehab
Gets cut from Nathan's D-league team. Eventually plays in Europe
Plays basketball on team coached by Skills
Kills his brother
Loses virginity to Owen
Has serious relationship with her teacher leading to his firing
Had a baby with Nikki
Gets in car accident with Cooper
Has waterballoon fight with Haley on roof
Is jealous of Nick Lachey
Trains for NBA with Nathan at the River Court
Likes The Notebook
Sleeps with his boss
Loses virginity to Brooke Davis
Tries to adopt a child
Has late wife named Camilla
Has sex with both Karen and Deb
Signed to Red Bedroom Records

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