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Can you name the following fiction novels involving animals?

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Erin HunterSeries following a tabby cat as he fights for acceptance in the wild.
David Clement-DaviesA deer is born under a prophecy with an oak leaf mark on his head.
Anna SewellA dark colored stallion tells a memoir of his life.
Fred GipsonA yellow dog wanders onto a farm home and becomes a beloved family pet
Richard AdamsRabbits flee their destroyed home and struggle to seek refuge
E.B. WhiteA pig befriends a spider that resides in the same barn
Sheila BurnfordTwo dogs and a cat embark on an adventure home.
Jack LondonA sled dog feels a strong urge to answer his wolf ancestors.
David Clement-DaviesA wolf holds a mysterious power, which allows her to see through the eyes of birds.
Kenneth OppelA young bat is separated from the rest of his colony during migration.
Phyllis Reynolds NaylorA boy stumbles upon an abused beagle in his hometown.
John Reynolds GardinerA boy and his dog compete in a sled race to save the boy's land and grandfather.
Mary O'HaraA filly leads a boy down the path to adulthood as they become inseparable.
Dodie SmithA litter of fifteen puppies is stolen by a lover of fur fashion
Knneth GrahameA mischievious toad slips out of trouble with the help of a mole, water rat, and a badger
Marguerite HenryA young boy and girl are fascinated by a mare and her foal off the islands of Virginia.
E.B. WhiteA mouse born to a family of humans endures adventures in the big apple.
Elizabeth HallTwo dolphins are sent from their herd to search for their brother and safer waters.
George SeldonA cricket resides in a subway newsstand and brings success to those around him.
Kate DiCamilloA mouse falls in love with Princess Pea and sadly meets his cruel fate

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