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Fmr. SD Wedding Planner, Fmr. manager of DJ/Justin Gabriel 
Fmr. Deacon, 6-time World Champion, 2005 Royal Rumble winner 
Has a twin sister and she loves everything the guest hosts have ever done 
Fmr. IC, US and first Unified Tag Team Champion 
First Undisputed Champ, 9-time IC Champ, Fmr. Euro, Hardcore, Cruiserweight, Unified Tag Team,WWF Tag Team, WCW Tag Team, World and WCW Champion 
Brought up in 2006 just to fail a Wellness test, current co-holder of Unified Tag Team Titles 
9-time World Champ, IC Champ, 13-time Tag Champ, 2010 Royal Rumble winner 
Only guy currently allowed to do the Shooting Star Press 
Won the 2007 Diva Search, current Diva's Champion 
Last ECW Champion, The bodyguard for The Brian Kendrick 
Fmr. IC Champ, World Tag Team Champ, bizarre, fmr. WCW US Champion 
Fmr. WWE Women's Champion, first TNA Women's Champion 
Raw Color Commentator, WWE Hall Of Famer, Memphis legend 
Diva's Champ for 4 minutes, has an iTunes album but sings worse then I do 
9-time World Champ, Everyone's favorite wrestler, one of the first 3 names you probably typed in here, 2008 Royal Rumble winner 
The Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Night Delight, Fmr. ECW, IC, 5-time Tag Champ, winner of Tough Enough III 
Raw's in-ring announcer 
Fmr ECW and European Champ, in the company 14 years, fathered a hand 
2006 Diva Search loser, 2-time Divas Champion, speaks French 
The second M in MNM, fmr Women's and Diva's Champ, nice smile, currently injured, looks better in a black dress then Mean Gene 
Raw's lead announcer, gets more flak then Cena 
Chairman of WWE, fmr WWE and ECW Champion, 1999 Royal Rumble winner 
Manager to the Unified Tag Champs, didn't get fired after slapping Vinny Mac at WrestleMania 
Twin sister of her twin sister, she may be the hot one, also is a huge fan of everything the Guest Host has ever done 
First Unified Tag Team Champion, his brother is lazy 
Former 2-time NWA Champion, NWA Tag Champion, wouldn't have a job if Vince heard his 2002 CD 
6-time champ, IC Champ, World Tag Champ, Legend Killing Viper, 2009 Royal Rumble winner 
WWE Creative Team Member, brother to Great Khali 
2-time IC Champ, Unleashed the Honkameter 
First Irish Born WWE Champion 
2-time Tag Champ, Not the Million Dollar Man 
Former World Champion, tallest superstar in WWE 
Current US Champ, fmr. Unified Tag Team Champ, runner up of $1 Million Tough Enough 
13-time World Champ, fmr. IC, Tag Champ, 2002 Royal Rumble winner, one of the first names you probably entered 
Current Unified Tag Team Champ 
Threatened to destroy MacGruber 
fmr. IC, European, World Tag Team, WCW Television Champion 2008 KOTR, fmr. Raw-GM 
You're welcome, winner of the WM 26 pre-show Battle Royal 
Woo! Woo! Woo!, fmr WWE Tag Champ, looks exactly like his twin brother who is not really his twin brother 
The Glamazon, won the Women's Title a lot 
Fmr WWE, WCW and ECW Champion, fmr. World Tag Team, Hardcore and US Champion, is 2-8 at WM 
Likes video games, wrestles on Superstars a lot 
Multiple time Cruiserweight Champion, feuded with Hornswoggle for 6 months 
The Masterpiece, he makes his pecs jiggle 
An Instant Classic, 9-time Tag Team Champion, Fmr. NWA, IC, European, Hardcore Champion 
Your Straight Edge Savior, 2-time Mr. MITB, 3-time World Champion, Fmr. IC, World Tag Team Champion 
3-time World Tag Team Champ, lost the belt to himself at one point, Son of a son of a plumber 
Was Kerwin White's caddy, a male cheerleader and now does the sleeperhold a lot, fmr. World Tag Team Champion 
The Chosen One, Intercontinental Champion until Friday 
He's still Fit at age 51, fmr. US and WCW TV Champion, father of Hornswoggle 
last Cruiserweight Champion, isn't really Vince or Finlay's son 
Current World Champion, fmr. ECW Champion, Mr. MITB 
Been in the company for 4 years and...um....recently was turned on 
One day WWF Title reign, fmr. IC, Hardcore, ECW and World Tag Team Champ 
She was made fun of as a child for her double name 
Jamaican Mike Adamle Crazy 
2006 Deever Search Winner 
Devout follower of the Straight Edge Society 
His brother is in TNA and is still more popular to WWE Management then he is 
SmackDown's color commentator, got fired as a teacher for wrestling 
Fmr. Womens Champ, weighs 107 pounds, dating Undertaker 
Half man, half amazing, fmr half of the Tag Titles, fmr US Champ 
Fmr. World, 2-time IC, 9-time Cruiserweight, WWE Tag Champ, was supposed to be Batista's friend 
Loser of the Diva Search, loves herself more then Zack Ryder 
The Anti-Diva, Saved by CM Punk, fought Awesome Kong during Kong's open challenges 
It's his tyme apprently 
SmackDown GM, fmr. ECW GM, referee and manager, favorite wrestler is....DAH UNDAHTAKAH! 
Fmr. ECW GM, Executive Babysitter 
SmackDown Lead Announcer 
SmackDown in ring announcer 
He also likes video games, wrestles on Superstars a lot too 
Used to be on ECW, now on SD according to WWE.com, couldn't tell you the last time he had a tv match 
18-0 at WrestleMania, do I need to say more? What do you mean 'yes'? One of the first three names you probably entered 
Insanely over in TNA for no good reason 
Excuse me, she used to be Smackdown and Raw GM 
Host of his own critically acclaimed talk show, stll hasn't gone anywhere since ECW ended 
NXT and former ECW commentator 
Former ROH Champ, The Miz is his pro 
CM Punk is his pro 
R-Truth is his pro, married to Jennifer Hudson 
Christian is his pro 
Matt Hardy is his pro, wrestled in ECW for 6 months 
Carlito is his pro, somehow shows less effort then Carlito 
William Regal is his pro 
Chris Jericho is his pro 

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