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QUIZ: Can you name the Red vs blue Misc?

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Name of Agent Wyoming's AI
Is in love with Agent Carolina
Gave away the blue flag
First free lancer in the Red Vs Blue series
Spanish speaking robot
Leader of the Free lancers
Loves interior decorating
Often tries to kill Grif
Has an energy sword
Agent Texas's AI
Agent North Dakota's AI
Agent York's AI
AI that takes over agent Maine to become The Meta
Was named after his armor
What Grif called the warthog
The original AI
What state is never talked about
Name of the New Republic's leader
Is a kiss ass to Sarge
Was the leader of Blue team
What is the name of the Tank
Name of the bomb
Army Mantis
Sister to North Dakota
Agent Washington's former AI
Is thrown off a cliff
Big mouthed mercenary

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