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Can you name the alphabetical things involving Doctor Who?

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11th Doctor's female companionA
'_______ are cool!'B
Actress portraying Donna NobleC
Armoured aliens that faced the Time Lords in the time warD
Plague that caused people to grow gas masks on their facesE
The Doctor's hat, which Amy and River Song purposely destroyedF
The Time Lords' home planet, which was destroyedG
Prime ministerH
Woman who was a host to the TARDISI
Flirty con man J
Robotic dog, owned by Sarah Jane SmithK
Location where 4022 were saved, but there were no survivorsL
Rose's often-overlooked boyfriendM
Minuscule, wound-healing robotsN
Creatures who hold their brains in their hands, and who are often used as slavesO
A paper that can display whatever the user wants it to displayP
Royalty who helps the Doctor battle a werewolfQ
9th Doctor's first female companionR
Aliens that can erase memoriesS
Police box that can travel through time and spaceT
Planet where humans headed in the year 100,000,000,000,000U
Shadow creatures that can strip a human to bonesV
Statues that move when you look awayW
Squid-like creatures created from a boy's imaginationX
Giant, ant-like creatures, appearing in earlier episodesZ

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