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QUIZ: Can you name the people, places or things associated with events on July 19?

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ClueAnswerYear (AD)
A great fire occurs in this city; as an untrue legend has it, Nero fiddled as the city burned64
The english win a decisive battle over these people for feudal lordship1333
This English king's flagship Mary Rose sinks at Portsmouth; 73 die 1545
This fleet is spotted in the English Channel1588
The first convention is held in Seneca Falls, NY for this movement1848
This state is the first to ratify the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing civil rights 1866
This country declares war on Prussia1870
This pitcher notches his 500th career victory1910
Peace Day celebrations mark the end of this war1919
The last of these German military submarines are ordered to withdraw from the United States Atlantic coast 1942
Yuh Woon-Hyung, a politician from this country, is assassinated1947
This TV channel begins broadcasting1953
ClueAnswerYear (AD)
This country imposes a blockade on the French naval base Bizerte1961
At a rally in this city, South Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh calls for expanding its war into North Vietnam1964
Shooting begins on this TV show's second pilot 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' 1965
This spaceflight orbits the moon1969
In a private meeting with this U.S. President, French Prime Minister Fran├žois Mitterrand reveals the existence of the Farewell Dossier, Russian spy documents1981
The first computed tomography showing a three-dimensional reconstruction of this is published 1983
The Val di Stava dam collapses killing 268 people in this country1985
Judge Paolo Borsellino and five police officers are killed by a car bomb made by this crime syndicate in Palermo, Italy1992
Bomb explosion in Alas Airlines of this country kills 211994
XXVI Olympic games open in this city1996
This man is nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court2005

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