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Can you name the Presidents who granted these pardons?

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PardoneePresidentPardonee Clue
Jean LaFitte & Baratarian Pirates Helped win Battle of New Orleans in exchange for pardon
George SteinbrennerMade illegal contributions to President Nixon
Servillano AquinoReceived death sentence for anti-American activities in the Philippines
Gerald ChapmanSentenced to 25 years in prison for robbery; murdered a policeman
Charles W. MorseWall Street tycoon responsible for Financial Panic of 1907
Richard NixonPardoned following his resignation from the Presidency
George W. ParrStuffed ballot box to ensure Senate victory for Lyndon Johnson
Jimmy HoffaTeamsters president; had sentence commuted
Eugene DebsSocialist called a 'traitor' by President Wilson
Thomas CallenderJournalist paid to criticize President Adams
PardoneePresidentPardonee Clue
Fuerzas Armadas de LiberaciĆ³n Nacional (FALN)Group of terrorists who planted 120 bombs
Arnold, Mudd & SpanglerLincoln assasination conspirators
Robert StroudHollywood double murderer
Quartet of TerrorPuerto Rican Nationalists who open fired on House of Representatives
Alexander HolmesSailor who threw passengers into sea during a storm; convicted of voluntary manslaughter
Gen. Fitz John PorterBlamed for Union defeat at Bull Run
Sgt. Maurice SchickSexually assaulted and suffocated an 8-year old boy
Iran ContraSecretary of Defense and 5 others who facilitated sale of firearms to Iran
Adm. Bowman H. McCallaAbused imprisoned sailors
Brigham YoungPardoned for his role in the Utah War

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