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Can you name the American political figures based on their primary political rivals?

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Forced Order
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Henry Cabot LodgeDisputed over U.S. involvement in League of Nations
William Jennings BryanBattled in 1896 election over, among other issues, backing paper money by gold or silver
John AdamsThis politician paid a newspaper writer to criticize Adams
Hillary ClintonSignificant for potential firsts; first female or African American president
Preston BrooksBrooks caned this politician on the Senate floor over an anti-slavery speech
Joseph McCarthyFound McCarthy's baseless accusations of communism reprehensible
Nelson RockefellerAfter a bitter Republican primary in 1964, Rockefeller refused to endorse this GOP presidential candidate
Aaron BurrTheir differences in opinion over a centralized goverment and national bank led to a duel; this politician lost and was killed
Robert F. KennedyUltimate dispute centered on the Vietnam War
Douglas MacArthurGeneral MacArthur challenged this politician on his insistance of civilian control of the military
Henry ClayClay denounced this politician on his antagonism to banks, internal improvements and tariffs protecting new industries
Richard NixonNixon was the more intense rival of these two, carrying the feud long after this politician's death
Robert WelchThis author kept conspiracy theorist Welch out of the conservative movement
Stephen DouglasDouglas's debates with this aspiring Illinois Senator in 1858 were a preview to an intense 1860 presidential election
Ted KennedyKennedy and this politician were involved in a bitter Democratic primary in 1980
William H. TaftTaft, this former president's hand-picked successor, alienated his predecessor upon being elected
Daniel WebsterSectionalism drove this rivalry; Webster was a nationalist and supporter of the union, this South Carolinian supported secession

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