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When Ted's best friend Marshall proposes to his girlfriend, Lily, Ted realizes he'd better get a move on if he hopes to find true love 
In a desperate attempt for a second date, Ted invites Robin to a party he is throwing 
Ted agrees to let Barney spice up his love life, and ends up on a crazy adventure of flying to Philadelphia, encountering the law and visiting the Liberty Bell.  
Ted's outlook on his continuing search for love is altered when he rediscovers a shirt that has not seen daylight in years 
Ted and Barney start checking out the club scene with their friend Robin, whereas Lily and Marshall try to participate in some more 'grown-up' activities 
Ted makes his yearly pilgrimage to the rooftop Halloween party in search of a girl dressed as a pumpkin who he met years ago 
Ted pays a visit to a very cute, but very taken, dermatologist in an effort to debunk the prediction that there are no women out there for him 
Ted feels like he is being edged out of the mix by his engaged roomies 
When Ted and Robin decide to help feed the homeless on Thanksgiving Day, they are in a state of disbelief when they run into Barney and discover that he is a regular volunteer at the homeless shelter 
Ted decides to let his hair down for a change and ends up having a fun and adventure-filled evening. However, now the problem is that he can't quite recall everything that transpired over the course of the evening and now he must rely on his friends to fill him in on the night's misadventures.  
Ted surprises his friends with a styling and well-planned out New Year's Eve excursion around the Big Apple 
Ted is planning to bring Robin as his date to a wedding but the bride says he did not RSVP with a guest 
At a wedding, there's instant attraction between Ted and a woman. Both agree to preserve the evening in memory by not exchanging names or numbers, but Ted falls too hard to let it go and tries to find out her identity.  
After agreeing to take things slowly and not have sex for a month, Ted and Victoria decide that they have waited long enough 
As Barney shares his most embarrassing moment with the gang, they get to learn his past before he started wearing suits all the time and sleeping around.  
Victoria gets her dream offer and the couple is confronted with some hard decisions about their future 
After a rough start on the new job at Barney's company, Marshall conforms in order to be accepted by his crude and obnoxious 'frat boy' co-workers 
Convinced Victoria is about to dump him, Ted accepts a late night invite to Robin's place. When Robin inquires about his relationship with Victoria, Ted tells her that they broke up 
Everyone is invited to a banquet when Robin is nominated for a news award, and Barney sets Ted up with a hot 'date'.  
Lily and Marshall's wedding date has just been pushed up, and in order to hear a potential band for the big wedding, Lily crashes a high school prom 
When Lily's car breaks down on the way to a secret appointment, Ted changes a very important date to come to Lily's rescue 
In an attempt to capture Robin's heart, Ted declares his love for her 
The gang tries to help Marshall get over Lily. Barney takes him to a strip club, and Ted takes him to a Yankees game 
Barney teaches Marshall how to pick up women 
When Ted, Robin and the gang spend the weekend with his parents 
After Robin insinuates that Ted's job is boring, Barney sets out to convince his buddy otherwise. As the guys test out the pick-up line... 
Lily moves into Barney's apartment and the trials, troubles, and tribulations may be a bit too much for him to handle 
Barney takes it on himself to please Marshall's disgruntled law professor, while Lily gets a job at Ted's architecture firm and tries to teach his boss a big lesson.  
Marshall starts dating a woman and they really hit it off, but Barney and Ted tell him he has to dump her because she has 'crazy eyes.'  
Marshall and Lily, together again, decide to elope in Atlantic City, and they gather Barney, Ted and Robin to take part in the wedding.  
Barney uncovers Robin's secret past and the real reason behind her strong aversion to malls.  
Barney's black gay brother James visits and Robin, the only one in the group who's never met him, is surprised 
Ted almost ruins Christmas for everyone when, still carrying around anger toward Lily over breaking the engagement, he calls her a horribly disgusting name.  
Robin wants to tell Ted she loves him, but she can't make the leap. Meanwhile, her sister visits and brings her boyfriend, and Robin doesn't react well when her sister says she's ready to lose her virginity.  
When Ted is constantly insulted by his former boss, who is now working for him on a project, he is told to fire the man, but he finds that a hard thing to do. Meanwhile, Barney offers Lily a lot of money to paint a nude portrait of him.  
The group was planning to watch the Super Bowl when they are invited to a funeral on the same evening 
Ted finds a 'lucky' penny, and even though bad luck starts to follow him, it may be the best thing to ever happen to him. 
After Robin gives Ted grief over keeping all of his gifts from ex-girlfriends, Ted decides it's time to give them all away. However, the tides change when he finds that Robin has been holding on to items as well.  
Marshall's beloved 1988 Fiero dies just short of reaching the 200,000 mile-mark, leading the gang to relive their greatest memories in the car.  
As Ted and Robin hit a new milestone in their relationship, Barney does everything he can to derail their happiness 
When Barney ruins Marshall's bachelor party plans, Lily reveals information about Barney that forces Marshall to rethink his best man choice.  
Barney is chosen as a contestant on The Price is Right giving him the opportunity to fulfill one of his life wishes: to meet Bob Barker.  
Lily and Marshall's wedding day arrives, but nothing goes as they had planned. Surprisingly, Barney steps in to save their once-in-a-lifetime moment.  
Barney overhears that Ted and Robin have a secret, leading him to wonder what it might be. When the secret is revealed, the truth stuns even Barney.  
Robin begins to date a hunky Argentinean, leading Ted to go out with Barney for a legen...wait for it...dary night to forget about Robin moving on.  
After seeing girls swoon for Robin's boyfriend, Gael, because he's not from New York, Barney and Ted try to pull themselves off as out-of-towners in order to meet girls.  
Two women become very interested in Ted and end up taking the party to his place. The gang must show Ted that bad luck doesn't come in threes.  
Robin dates a single dad, and to her surprise, bonds with the man's son, which causes her to worry that the relationship is too serious 
Ted's new girlfriend becomes jealous that the story about how Ted and his friends met is better than how she met him, resulting in her ranking on Barney's 'crazy scale' to go through the roof.  
When a law firm tries to recruit Marshall, executive Jeff Coatsworth is able to win him over, forcing Marshall to stray from his dream to save the Earth. Meanwhile, a porn star named after one of the gang emerges.  
Lily and Marshall make a rash of irresponsible decisions when buying an apartment in the ... neighborhood 
Ted thinks he may have met the perfect girl, but the gang points out a flaw that changes his opinion of her, leading to a heated argument 
Lily and Marshall have their first Thanksgiving as a married couple; Barney is tortured by the slap bet countdown clock , worrying about when the slap will be dished out 
Ted decides to take on Barney's lifestyle for St. Patrick's Day, which would likely include activities which are very un-saintly.  
After everyone joins a gym, Barney sees Rhonda (the woman who took his virginity) there. After learning that his performance with her was poor, he loses his ability to approach women. Barney loses his 'mojo' and heads to the Victoria's Secret Fall Fashion Show party to try to get it back, but he's put to the test when he meets Heidi Klum.  
Ted's friends try to discourage him from going on a date with his doctor, a person he sees regularly, by telling their own bad experiences. 
After Ted is repeatedly rejected by his dermatologist Stella for a date, Abby, her receptionist becomes interested in him 
Barney's love life falls victim to a mystery woman, forcing him to use a tournament bracket to narrow down a group of 64 women who have a reason to hate him.  
When Marshall is heavily berated by his boss, he begins to think that taking a job with a corporate law firm was a big mistake.  
Robin rekindles a spark with an old flame, but he ends up breaking her heart again. Barney and his own inimitable style helps make her feel better.  
Barney breaks the 'Bro Code' ruining his friendship with Ted. Meanwhile, Lily decides to rescue a goat while the gang plans Ted's surprise party.  
Stella is finally ready to get intimate with Ted. Meanwhile, since his split with Ted, Barney searches for a replacement Bro, finally settling reluctantly on his hapless co-worker Randy 
As a couple, Abby and Barney have decided they agree on one thing, they both hate Ted, and decide the bar is a great place to flaunt their romance in front of him. Barney goes a bit overboard by doing something impulsive. 
Ted re-evaluates his life and his relationship with Stella after a close call with death from an accident.  
As Stella finally gives Ted an answer on his proposal, Barney realizes that he may be in love with Robin.  
Barney, Lily, Regis Philbin, Robin, Marshall and Ted set out on a mission to find the restaurant in which Marshall ate his first New York burger. 
Ted tries convincing his friends that city living is much better than living in the suburbs by inviting them to Stella's apartment in New Jersey. Stella shocks him by announcing that she wants to live there permanently once they marry.  
Ted insists that his friends attend an intervention after learning that they had previously ditched it for his engagement to Stella. 
Ted and Stella makes the decision to get married in three days. But then when the day comes it's not all what they had imagined because of the presence of their exes. 
When Ted unexpectedly runs into someone from his past whom he would rather forget, the gang starts wondering how they would handle it, if it happened to them.  
Lily and Marshall receive different views on whether they should have a baby when Lily asks Ted and Marshall turns to Robin for advice. Barney creates his own holiday for single men 
Robin meets back up with a group of over-indulging single party girls known as the 'Woo Girls.' Meanwhile, Barney receives a submission for design of the new company headquarters from Ted.  
Ted walks into his apartment to find Robin's date sitting naked on his couch. He learns about a technique that could revolutionize dating for the whole group, and everyone thinks about whether or not they should try it out that night.  
Ted tries to prove to the gang that he's not a loser after being left at the altar. Meanwhile, Barney and Ted decide to pick a fight with the guys sitting in their favorite booth to impress Robin. 
It's Christmas time and Ted's younger sister comes for a visit; meanwhile, Marshall introduces Robin to her first theme bar 
When Ted and Robin decide to be 'friends with benefits' to end conflicts around the apartment, Barney tries to fix their problems so they will stop sleeping with each other.  
Lily comes back from a trip to Seattle only to run into a blizzard, which may threaten an airport ritual of meeting Marshall. Meanwhile, Ted & Barney offer to keep watch over the bar at MacLaren's while awaiting their dates, since Carl wants to close up early  
Robin discovers she must find employment within four days or be deported back to Canada, and agrees to create a video resume with Barney's help.  
The gang suspect Barney has a girlfriend after he suddenly leaves MacLaren's 
When Lily and Marshall get wind of the fact that Ted's college girlfriend has moved to New York, they decide to reveal to him how much they hated her.  
When Karen comes across another woman's earring in Ted's bed, he learns that Lily put it there on purpose leading Ted to discover this isn't the first time she's covertly meddled in his relationships.  
As a means of protecting Ted from discovering he has lost an important job, Marshall and Barney dream up an intricate lie 
When Barney learns Ted has a list of things he thinks the gang is too old to do, he sets out to do every task within 24 hours in order to prove Ted wrong.  
When Ted loses his job and decides to form his own architectural firm out of his apartment, he hires an intern to help get his company off the ground, but the intern gets too close for comfort with some of Ted's friends. Meanwhile, Marshall tries to make himself more valuable at work with a gimmick 
When Ted breaks Barney and Marshall's ... by having a 'text' relationship with a girl he just met, they play a cruel joke on him by pretending to be her. Although credited, Lily does not appear in this episode 
Ted explains to his future children how important it is to be in the right place at the right time. Meanwhile, Barney celebrates his 200th conquest.  
Tony, Stella's fiancĂ©, makes an attempt to ease the burden he feels for 'ruining Ted's life,' by helping him find a job, but instead proves that no good deed goes unpunished. Meanwhile, Barney wants to prove that he can get out of a speeding ticket 
Ted is trying to keep his architecture firm afloat by doing an all-nighter, but Marshall tries to lure him to the roof for a surprise 31st birthday party, on the fourth season finale.  
When the gang finds out that Barney and Robin are hesitant to define their relationship, Lily forces them to confront their biggest fear...becoming boyfriend/girlfriend. Meanwhile, Ted is anxious about teaching his first lecture 
Ted discovers he had been fixed up with the same woman, seven years earlier. The rest of the gang goes to the Lusty Leopard strip club and see a dancer who looks like Lily. 
When Robin fears that Barney is cheating on her, she soon discovers that he is spending his evenings with Ted learning everything there is to know on how to date her.  
Marshall and Lily desperately try to have a double date with Barney and Robin. Girls suddenly appear at Ted's apartment just to find a place to sleep in, making him a ... 
Ted proposes a road trip with Marshall to their favorite pizza parlor in Chicago to reminisce their bachelor days, but Lily wants in on the trip. Barney is seeking US citizenship for Robin, but her Canadian traits still remain.  
Barney, thinking he and Robin are the perfect couple, gives relationship advice to Marshall, which turns out to be a big mistake.  
A major crisis in Barney and Robin's relationship gives Lily ideas on how to break them up with Alan Thicke's help.  
Barney pulls out all of his greatest tricks to reenter the dating scene after he and Robin break up. 

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