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QUIZ: How well do you know Monsta X ?

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Forced Order
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HintAnswerExtra Hint
Who is the mother figure of the group?
Jooheon's birth name
Vocal / Visual
Who is the only member to release a solo mixtape?
Main Visual / Vocal
Which member sleeps the most?
Shownu's birth name
Lead Rapper
Who is the quietest?
Debut date? (M-D-Y)
Debut Song?
Born October 6, 1994
Who loses their temper easily?
Wonho's birth name
Who is the best at aegyo?
Who is obsessed with ramen?
Who used to train under JYP?
Which member speaks fluent English?
Born November 22, 1993?
HintAnswerExtra Hint
I.M 's birth name
Hyungwon's birth name
Official fandom name?
Most viewed M/V?
Born January 26, 1996
Who is the father figure of the group?
Vocal / Face of the Group
Born on March 1, 1993?
Kihyun's birth name
Lead Vocal
Born November 3, 1993
Which members danced for Sistar?2 members
Minhyuk's birth name
Who are they signed under?
Born January 15, 1994
What show did the compete on in order to debut?
Born on June 18, 1992?
Who has acrophobia?
Who is the loudest?
Rapper / Maknae

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