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21st AugustFT Island
7th FebruaryMBLAQ
1st JulySuper Junior
26th AprilBig Bang
11th February2PM
30th April2PM
5th JanuaryBEAST
18th May4Minute
6th OctoberSecret
17th DecemberFT Island
4th JulyBEAST
15th October4Minute
16th AugustU-Kiss
3rd FebruaryMiss A
13th MarchU-Kiss
15th DecemberJYJ
30th August4Minute
15th January2PM
29th Marchf(x)
6th MaySistar
22nd NovemberInfinite
18th January2NE1
4th NovemberBig Bang
7th JuneT-ara
8th FebruaryInfinite
20th SeptemberBrown Eyed Girls
28th AprilInfinite
1st SeptemberWonder Girls
13th MarchInfinite
11th JanuarySistar
5th MaySecret
24th JulyKara
24th March2NE1
4th OctoberWonder Girls
14th January EXO
29th JuneU-Kiss
21st AugustSuper Junior
28th AugustSuper Junior
22nd MayEXO
18th FebruaryDBSK/ TVXQ
18th JulySHINee
6th NovemberMBLAQ
30th MarchBEAST
18th AugustBig Bang
17th JanuarySuper Junior
3rd February Super Junior
21st SeptemberEXO
5th OctoberT-ara
11th OctoberSuper Junior M
31st MarchB.A.P
27th December2PM
18th AprilGirls' Generation/ SNSD
26th February2NE1
12th November2NE1
14th DecemberSHINee
12th DecemberT-ara
24th June2PM
12th FebruarySistar
28th JuneB.A.P
12th JanuaryEXO
2nd MarchFT Island
2nd May2AM
15th MayGirls' Generation/ SNSD
22nd AprilT-ara
22nd JanuaryU-Kiss
15th OctoberB.A.P
25th NovemberU-Kiss
2nd Februaryf(x)
6th FebruaryB.A.P
19th AprilT-ara
26th JanuaryJYJ
4th AprilSuper Junior
9th January 4Minute
13th JanuaryKara
15th OctoberSuper Junior
26th MarchEXO
27th AprilMiss A
24th Octoberf(x)
3rd SeptemberInfinite
10th OctoberMiss A
2nd MayEXO
7th OctoberMBLAQ
27th JuneWonder Girls
4th JuneU-Kiss
19th AprilB.A.P
22nd March T-ara
9th DecemberSHINee
11th May2AM
6th NovemberEXO
19th AprilSuper Junior M
27th NovemberEXO
7th MarchFT Island
26th MayWonder Girls
28th August2AM
5th DecemberGirls' Generation/ SNSD
8th AprilSHINee
21st JuneSuper Junior
27th AugustInfinite
9th MarchGirls' Generation/ SNSD
16th OctoberMBLAQ
1st January Super Junior
12th Augustf(x)
29th DecemberU-Kiss
6th JuneBEAST
10th JulySuper Junior
1st May2AM
30th MayGirls' Generation/ SNSD
24th January B.A.P
28th MarchInfinite
30th AugustKara
6th FebruaryDBSK/ TVXQ
7th AprilSuper Junior (officially registered as 10th Feb)
23rd SeptemberSHINee
12th AugustWonder Girls
11th NovemberFT Island
18th MayBig Bang
3rd SeptemberBEAST
17th JanuaryU-Kiss
6th MayEXO
25th January2PM
12th DecemberBig Bang
19th DecemberBEAST
6th June4Minute
7th OctoberEXO
21st JuneMiss A
29th JulyU-Kiss
22nd SeptemberGirls' Generation/ SNSD
21st MayKara
4th JuneJYJ
18th JanuaryKara
20th AprilEXO
10th FebruaryGirls' Generation/ SNSD
12th AprilEXO
9th FebruarySuper Junior
13th OctoberSecret
24th AugustSuper Junior
7th OctoberKara
18th Septemberf(x)
18th SeptemberBrown Eyed Girls
2nd NovemberBrown Eyed Girls
30th JanuarySistar
2nd FebruarySecret
11th MarchU-Kiss
30th MayT-ara
12th DecemberT-ara
10th MarchMBLAQ
1st AugustGirls' Generation/ SNSD
28th JuneGirls' Generation/ SNSD
28th DecemberBrown Eyed Girls

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